Work Distribution

InsightPro encompasses two work distribution approaches to enhance flexibility and efficiency, catering to various work types and optimizing resource utilization.

After records/documents are ingested via API or Service into the Queue(s), there are two basic ways of distributing them:

1. Manual Distribution Based on Resource
Users pick what they want to work on from any assigned work Queues. There are two variations, depending on whether the work is assigned to the OHB (Over Head Bin – a repository of documents/records) or to personal work Queues.

2. Automation Distribution Based on Rules
The work in the Queues can be allocated and intelligently assigned based on predefined rules using atomic distribution. Strategically group work based on LOB, Claim Type, Aging, TAT, Priority, Pending Inventory, and Errors – then assign work based on the user roles, expertise, and permissions of the resource(s).