Transparent Workload Allocation to Improve Productivity and Employee Satisfaction

InsightPro is a SaaS-based workforce analytics platform designed to optimize work strategies for in-person or remote teams all powered by AI/ML capabilities.

InsightPro provides efficiency and performance throughout claims operations, quality, and training, using real-time insights and dashboards.

  • Holistic performance
  • Productivity management
  • Real-time trends and risks
  • Well-informed decision-making
  • Enhanced workflows
  • Workforce monitoring
  • KPI-dashboards
  • Workforce optimization


Providing Real-time Data Integration Across All Systems to Ensure Security and Performance.

Our solutions integrate operations for claims, quality assurance, contact center and provider maintenance. InsightPro uses AI/ML for workload balancing, inventory control, and production management. 

Claims Data API

Enable a seamless integration between your claims payment platform and InsightPro.

This facilitates the smooth transfer of claims data, which is then directed to appropriate queues for automated work distribution.

This integration amalgamates the strengths of both platforms. It introduces an advanced automation layer by triggering automatic data updates. This dynamic response ensures that modifications made to data types are also reflected everywhere.

Image Viewer API

The Image Viewer API for claims allows users to access and view claim images within InsightPro or through external applications.

This API facilitates an extensive search functionality, enabling users to search for specific images based on various criteria.

The search results are presented alongside a direct link to access the claims form image using the API. This seamless integration streamlines the process of image retrieval and viewing for enhanced user experience and convenience.

eSign API Integration

Enabling seamless connectivity, InsightPro effortlessly integrates with widely used third-party e-sign services.

This integration empowers users to easily import documents into InsightPro, facilitating swift signing processes while working in the workflow.

Users can quickly generate custom integrations tailored to their specifications using REST APIs through a simplified approach. By doing so, the document signing procedure becomes remarkably straightforward and efficient.