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An integrated workforce analytics platform powered by AI and machine learning.
Claims Management Solutions
Reduce denials, improve first-pass rates and cut admin burden.
Quality Assurance Solutions
Integrate sampling, capacity planning, comprehensive auditing, and rebuttals.

Contact Center

Improve First Call Resolution with AI-enhanced integration.

How It Works


Privacy & Security

Proven it will
pay for itself in
the first year.
Our integrated workspaces are designed to help you get more done, faster.
Claims Management Features
Enhance productivity, AI-powered distribution, and production planning.
Quality Assurance Features
Improve First Call Resolution, call history and cross-department integration.

Contact Center

Robust error feedback, rebuttal workflow, and error trend analysis.


Our AI solution provides 30% faster rebuttals with 20% fewer errors for garunteed quality assurance.

Quality Assurance Management

Stay ahead of the ever-changing healthcare landscape with these powerful, AI-driven quality assurance features of sampling, capacity planning, comprehensive auditing, rebuttal capabilities, error feedback, and more.

Audit the Auditor

InsightPro delivers a rigorous quality assessment process that involves conducting multiple levels of audits with crucial parameters incorporated at each stage.

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Capacity Planning

InsightPro utilizes an AI/ML-based capacity planning engine to empower users to optimize resource allocation, eradicate bottlenecks, and make well-timed decisions.

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Criteria-based Audit

InsightPro redefines the concept of quality by configuring diverse audit criteria and calculating accuracy through a point-based system.

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Error Trend Analysis

InsightPro leverages sophisticated algorithms to detect and analyze various error types, revealing root causes behind accuracy reductions and providing an informed perspective on operational challenges.

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Inventory Management

InsightPro promotes effective inventory management comprised of essential components, such as the precise tracking of inventory, to guarantee optimal inventory levels.

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KPI-Based Dashboards

InsightPro enhances your processing efficiencies with this innovative, dual-action feature.

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Query Resolution / SME Support

InsightPro empowers auditors with the cutting-edge capabilities of AI-driven Query Resolution and Subject Matter Expert (SME) to guarantee superior quality in resolving concerns and upholding seamless quality standards.

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Real-time Error Feedback

InsightPro harnesses the power of AI and machine learning to deliver real-time error feedback to both examiners and auditors, indicating a new era in error detection and analysis.

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Rebuttal Management

InsightPro’s meticulously structured yet customizable rebuttal workflow effectively minimizes the time required for error resolution from weeks to hours, saving time for your Quality team.

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InsightPro implements an automated system of diverse sampling methods including both random and stratified sampling techniques.

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Training Need Analysis

InsightPro uses a forward-thinking methodology that accurately identifies training requirements through the in-depth analysis of quality data to detect trends and patterns.

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User Management

InsightPro gives quality managers granular control over who can access their quality management system and what level of permissions they possess.

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Work Distribution

InsightPro employs a quality-centric strategy that seamlessly integrates AI/ML capabilities with a customizable rules engine for efficient work distribution.

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