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An integrated workforce analytics platform powered by AI and machine learning.
Claims Management Solutions
Reduce denials, improve first-pass rates and cut admin burden.
Quality Assurance Solutions
Integrate sampling, capacity planning, comprehensive auditing, and rebuttals.

Contact Center

Improve First Call Resolution with AI-enhanced integration.

How It Works


Privacy & Security

Proven it will
pay for itself in
the first year.
Our integrated workspaces are designed to help you get more done, faster.
Claims Management Features
Enhance productivity, AI-powered distribution, and production planning.
Quality Assurance Features
Improve First Call Resolution, call history and cross-department integration.

Contact Center

Robust error feedback, rebuttal workflow, and error trend analysis.


Our AI solution can resolve up to 80% of your claims processing problems and inquiries.

Claims Management

Unlock access to key claims management features designed to reduce administrative tasks and speed up processing through inventory tracking, auto task assignment, KPI monitoring, streamlined production planning, comprehensive KPI dashboard insights, and more.

Activity Tracker

InsightPro helps you elevate resource management with an integrated activity tracker, offering supervisors and managers unprecedented insights into team performance and resource allocation.

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Audit Trail

InsightPro comprehensively tracks, records, and reports every facet associated with a specific workflow or business process.

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Auto Triaging / Deep Learning

InsightPro integrates a deep learning-driven auto triaging process that streamlines received inventory and the prioritization of incoming tasks. When deployed within regulatory frameworks, users can expect to experience optimized efficiency while still maintaining compliance and accuracy. Image classification analyzes photos with AI-based Deep Learning models that identify and recognize various criteria—from image contents to the time of day.

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Block Claims Based on Provider, CPT, etc.

Users can handle similar claims in a batch rather than individually which optimizes the process flow and minimizes the time spent on repetitive tasks. When you apply consistent evaluations and checks to related claims, it ensures uniformity and reduces errors that could arise from disjointed processing. This leads to increased productivity and higher accuracy rate/better quality.

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Block User

InsightPro enhances error control and accountability by temporarily blocking users and restricting claims processing when predefined error thresholds are exceeded.

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Check Run and Stop Loss

InsightPro enhances your processing efficiencies with this innovative, dual-action feature.

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Idle Time and Break Tracking

InsightPro leverages meticulous time allocation monitoring to provide insights and recommendations into your workforce’s time management.

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Inventory Management

InsightPro optimizes inventory management using real-time tracking, aging analysis, and capacity utilization monitoring to enhance resource efficiency, improve turnaround times and streamline operations.

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KPI-based Dashboards

InsightPro leverages the power of integrated dashboards and analytics to give users real-time access to process insights, helping to identify and address areas requiring swift attention.

These actionable dashboards elevate operational excellence by delivering heightened visibility and control to enhance operations management, enabling proactive decision-making, optimizing performance, and adhering to SLA standards.


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Optimized Workflow

InsightPro conducts a systematic analysis of your current workflow to identify bottlenecks, redundancies, and areas for improvement.

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Production Forecasting

InsightPro offers real-time insights, forecasting, and streamlined dashboards for enhanced production planning and informed decision-making.

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Production Planning and Control

InsightPro transforms production planning and control by utilizing data-driven strategies to optimize operations, prevent SLA and regulatory violations, and enhance process efficiency.

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Real-time Notifications

InsightPro is revolutionizing operations through real-time notifications and automated alerts backed by advanced machine learning techniques and impactful indicators.

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Real-time Query Resolution / SME Support

Our Virtual InsightPro Assistant elevates your support capabilities through the use of real-time AI-powered solutions.

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Target Management

Optimizes productivity goals with a holistic approach to target allocation. Users are ensured alignment with business objectives while also upholding ethical standards.

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Training Need Analysis

InsightPro leverages machine learning and advanced outlier detection to pinpoint resources requiring additional training by analyzing performance, quality, and productivity data.

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User Management

InsightPro empowers managers and supervisors with streamlined control to elevate administrative efficiency.

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Work Distribution

InsightPro encompasses two work distribution approaches to enhance flexibility and efficiency, catering to various work types and optimizing resource utilization.

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