With AI-Powered Claims Management, You Can Cut Administrative Burdens by 10% 

Reduce denials and elevate first-pass rates like never before using AI-driven error detection for automatic data validation and insights.


Take Your Productivity to the Next Level with Workload Automation

Imagine all the time you’d save every day with the automatic allocation of tasks, workflows, and resources.

Quick Inventory Management

Automate and standardize the intake of work to maintain accuracy to make informed decisions.

Automated Workload Distribution

Ensure tasks are assigned to the right examiners to balance workloads and improve response times.

Adaptive Resource Productivity

Distribute work based on expertise and availability for faster responses and effective skill development.


Master the Art of Operational Excellence with Advanced Production Planning and Control

Enhancing productivity, agility, and profitability is a breeze with advanced planning. And, we have an automated solution that does it for you!

Ensure Regulatory Compliance

Automatically generated production plans guarantee your control, precision, flexibility, and objective alignment with compliance.

Improve Performance Evaluation

Compare actual results with the production plan in order to meet your objectives for performance assessments and resource management.

Drive Performance with AI-Powered Insights

Production improvement tips and suggestions are automatically presented, guaranteeing that you attain maximum efficiency and consistency.

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Unlock workforce management excellence with InsightPro's innovative analytics platform for payers of all sizes.


Up to 80% of Your Claims Processing Issues and Queries Can be Resolved Using AI

Using AI/ML technology, our 3-tier query resolution system greatly improves claims issue management.

BOT-Led Query Resolution

Advanced AI/ML capabilities manage complex inquiries that are both straightforward and iterative.

SME-Led Query Resolution

Queries are also routed to subject matter experts (SME) to receive reliable and relevant query resolution.

Stop Loss & Check Run

Both stop-loss and temporary holds during check runs are utilized to optimize claim management.