Empower Every Level of Your Organization

Imagine the power of impactful decisions to improve productivity with intuitive dashboards that highlight trends and deviations.


Enhance employee skill gaps by automating skills assessments and targeted training.

InsightPro’s utilization of dashboards and KPI-based reports serves as a powerful tool to enhance visibility and transparency, ultimately driving the achievement of maximum efficiency in routine business processes.

Dynamic Tasks

AI-based algorithms facilitate the automated distribution of work by considering factors such as inventory levels, resource efficiency, error patterns, FIFO (first-In-first-out) principles, predefined rules, workload distribution, and resource availability.

Optimize Workflows

Effectively streamline and automate workflows, ushering in a new realm of efficiency across various processes and departments. This allows for the optimization of work allocation so managers can focus on strategic planning and control.

Collect and Ingest Data/Documents

InsightPro captures your documents and datasets directly from the source, and organizes them into a unified system with minimal human intervention.

  • Document capture and management
  • Data source integration
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR)

Error Trend Analysis

Harness the power of our Error Trend Analysis solution to unearth invaluable insights into error patterns and trends within your operations. Through the utilization of sophisticated algorithms, our system adeptly detects and analyzes various error types, enabling you to proactively identify the underlying causes behind reduced accuracy and efficiency.

  • Strategic Insights
  • Proactive Quality Enhancement
  • SLA Adherence

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Discover how InsightPro can help you manage your workforce with a first-of-its-kind analytics platform developed for payers of every size.

Training Needs Identification

Provides insights on identifying and assessing gaps in skills, knowledge, competencies, and performance within a process. Aims to determine the specific training and development needs of employees or teams to enhance their capabilities and align with process goals.

Workforce Performance

Real-time process visibility through comprehensive production dashboards. Forecasting capabilities and the flexibility to adjust key parameters, thereby eliminating bottlenecks and facilitating timely production control decisions.

  • Daily inventory and aging
  • Turnaround time (TAT)
  • Available resources
  • Task completion times
  • Target volumes for pinpointing areas of concern

Data Analytics

Payers are currently grappling with escalating administrative expenses, increasing staff burnout, and changing demands. It’s imperative to question the existing norms by embracing automation.

InsightPro combines process mining with visual dashboards, predictive analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), and Machine Learning (ML) to facilitate comprehensive process transformation, encourage innovation, and foster growth.

  • Identify risks of employee burnout
  • Workforce data analytics
  • Artificial intelligence data analytics
  • Predictive analytics