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An integrated workforce analytics platform powered by AI and machine learning.
Claims Management Solutions
Reduce denials, improve first-pass rates and cut admin burden.
Quality Assurance Solutions
Integrate sampling, capacity planning, comprehensive auditing, and rebuttals.

Contact Center

Improve First Call Resolution with AI-enhanced integration.

How It Works


Privacy & Security

Proven it will
pay for itself in
the first year.
Our integrated workspaces are designed to help you get more done, faster.
Claims Management Features
Enhance productivity, AI-powered distribution, and production planning.
Quality Assurance Features
Improve First Call Resolution, call history and cross-department integration.

Contact Center

Robust error feedback, rebuttal workflow, and error trend analysis.

Using a multi-level query resolution, immediate assistance is provided in order to handle inquiries quickly and reduce the workload of human experts. If these first-level inquiries cannot be resolved, they are swiftly handed off to the Subject Matter Experts. This system uses ongoing refinement through machine learning algorithms, resulting in the continual enhancement of the system’s ability to provide accurate query resolutions.