Enhance visibility and reduce the cost of operations.

Built exclusively for payers, this platform integrates Claims, Quality Assurance, Training, and Contact Center all powered by cutting-edge AI.

Developing adaptive workload distribution strategies to effectively handle fluctuations in demand.

Idle time and Break Tracking

User Management

Training Need Analysis

Real time Notifications

Developing adaptive workload distribution strategies to
effectively handle fluctuations in demand.

Idle time and Break Tracking

User Management

Training Need Analysis

Real time Notifications

Improve the efficiency and accuracy of claims processing for healthcare to reduce administrative costs and errors.

  • Idle time and Break Tracking
  • Real time Notifications
  • Training Need Analysis
  • KPI Based Dashboards
  • Block User
  • Block Claims
  • User Management

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Unlock workforce management excellence with InsightPro's innovative analytics platform for payers of all sizes.

Claims management with predictive analytics to forecast future claim volumes and optimize resource allocation.

Auto Triaging/Deep Learning
Real-time Query Resolution
Check Run & Stop Loss
Activity Tracker
Audit Trail

Auto Triaging/Deep Learning

No longer feel overwhelmed and disorganized with the power of AI on your side. Instantly turn received inventory and incoming tasks into actionable and prioritized plans using:

  • Pre-processing – Enhancing Data for AI Models
  • Object Detection – Locating Objects in Images
  • Object Recognition and Training – Labeling and Educating the Model
  • Object Classification – Applying Your Trained Model
  • Connecting to an AI Workflow – Integrating the Model
  • Feedback Loop: Retrain the Model

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Real-time Query Resolution

Resolving queries has never been easier. When you leverage AI-powered solutions to elevate support, you get instant access to smart tools such as:

  • Virtual InsightPro Assistant
  • Human-like Interaction
  • Knowledge-Powered Assistance
  • Human Expertise Integration

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Check Run & Stop Loss

Your processing workflows just became much more efficient. Our Check Run and Stop Loss functionalities work simultaneously to optimize performance using tools such as:

  • Streamlined Examiner Distribution
  • Prioritizing Top-Stop Losses
  • Strategic Resource Utilization

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Activity Tracker

Stay on top of your team’s activity with unprecedented insights into performance metrics and resource usage that drive smarter decision-making capabilities through:

  • Centralized Resource Information
  • Holistic Task Insights
  • Enhanced Performance Evaluation
  • Data-Driven Improvement Initiatives

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Audit Trail

Never worry about ensuring adherence and aiding regulatory compliance again with auditing features including:

  • Comprehensive Tracking and Reporting
  • Insightful Alignment Verification
  • Multi-Functional Purpose
  • Training and Knowledge Enhancement

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Streamlining productivity for remote and hybrid examiners.

Aligning workload distribution with comprehensive tracking and reports unique to the demands of your claims operations.

Work Distribution

Implement both manual and automatic work distribution processes across your organization unlike ever before.

Inventory Management

Stay on top of your current inventory, while also accurately predicting and managing upcoming needs.

Target Management

Experience top-notch target allocation and alignment backed by data-driven insights and AI techniques.

Optimized Workflow

Skyrocket your team’s efficiency and effectiveness by ensuring sustained adaptability and continuous improvement.

Production Planning

Serve as an eye towards the future by accurately predicting what’s coming and how to prioritize your processes.

Production Forecasting

Turn real-time insights into big-time decisions in order to position your company for success.