Production Planning & Control

InsightPro streamlines production planning through data-driven strategies. It assesses processes based on inventory, target daily volume, resources available, average productivity, and expected turnaround time. It ranks them based on KPI, highlighting the processes that may not meet the required delivery schedule. Forecasts anticipate resource, volume, and time impacts, while highlighted deviations trigger recommendations and allow refinement of operational decisions for production control and timely deliveries.

Manage the risk of failing to meet service level agreements by identifying which processes to prioritize. Instantaneous insights empower managers to allocate resources strategically to appropriate processes precisely when needed. This approach maximizes the success rate of managers, all while preventing the expenses associated with missing Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and regulatory obligations.

Formulate a strategic approach to Production Planning and control to optimize operations. This can be achieved through several measures, including accurate forecasting, streamlined work distribution, workflow automation, and meticulous capacity planning. By orchestrating these components, we can achieve seamless resource utilization and elevate the delivery outcomes, ultimately enhancing process efficiency and customer satisfaction.


InsightPro understands all the current processes and ranks them based on various KPI parameters and their importance to overall delivery plans. It also provides correct tools to track the progress of the processes and resources through reports, dashboards, emails, and notifications. In case of any deviation from the defined threshold KPI parameters, it provides recommendations. It allows a forecast depicting the impact on resource, volume, and time, thereby finalizing the decision regarding changes required in operations to ensure timely delivery of the committed volume.

Work Distribution & Redistribution

Much time is wasted as manual work distribution consumes extra time and cannot consider the dynamic process changes. To help complete the work in optimal time, assigning work to everyone per the process requirements and based on what the person can do best requires understanding each process’s rules and resource capabilities. InsightPRO accepts the rules required for the process and automatically distributes work effectively.

Workflow Automation

Part of scheduling the employee’s time is assigning work to the resources per their skill sets. Much time is wasted as manual work distribution consumes extra time and cannot consider the daily skillset upgradation of the resources. To help complete the work in optimal time, assigning work to each individual is essential based on what the person can do best, which requires understanding each resource’s capabilities. InsightPRO helps keep track of the resource skillset and automatically distributes work effectively.

Capacity Planning

Examine capacity utilization by obtaining recommendations on how resources, timeframes, workloads, and SLAs converge to fulfill demand efficiently. Acquire perspectives on capacity utilization for scenarios such as Accumulated Work Over some time, Immediate Capacity Requirements, a sudden surge in workload, etc.

Production Forecasting

Leverage the real-time Production forecast for actionable insights into key metrics like pending volume, target completion time, and resource utilization. Receive deep insights into team dynamics and make informed decisions with dynamic analytics to place corrective action on the identified and highlighted issues. Plan resources to meet the demand and clear backlogs by accurately forecasting the capacity required to complete the work within SLAs. Equip teams and managers with the insights they need to identify the cases with the highest risk of SLA failure and prioritize accordingly. The holistic approach transforms production forecasting into a data-driven and efficient process, enhancing overall outcomes.

Boost Production Efficiency: InsightPro offers real-time insights, forecasting, and streamlined dashboards for enhanced production planning and informed decision-making, optimizing resource utilization and operational success.

Improve Production Planning:

Access up-to-the-minute insights into the present state of production across different processes through comprehensive Production dashboards. These dashboards furnish real-time information regarding current inventory levels, aging of tasks, Turnaround Time (TAT), available resources, task completion durations, and target volumes. This functionality aids in the identification of areas warranting attention.

Moreover, the current status dashboards offer the capability to predict future outcomes and accordingly adjust critical parameters. This strategic adjustment assists in mitigating bottlenecks and facilitates prompt decisions to regulate production processes effectively.

Provide an early warning system:

Mitigate the risk of breaching service level agreements (SLAs) by efficiently prioritizing processes and resources. Utilizing real-time insights, managers can strategically allocate resources to relevant processes, thereby enhancing the probability of meeting deadlines as per the Turnaround Time (TAT). This approach ensures the prompt handling of workloads and prevents the potential costs linked to SLA non-compliance and regulatory commitments.

Inventory Management

Efficient inventory management encompasses essential aspects such as precise inventory tracking for optimized levels and timely turnaround. Moreover, aging analysis of pending inventory across different age bands aids strategic decision-making, while tracking inventory empowers managers to gauge capacity utilization and enhance resource deployment effectively.

Optimize Inventory Management:

Employ real-time tracking, aging analysis, and capacity utilization monitoring to enhance resource efficiency and streamline operations.

Inventory Tracking:

Automated recording of the entire records lifecycle, spanning from creation to disposition, facilitates the comprehensive monitoring of inventory and the identification of month-on-month trends. Inventory Trend facilitates seamless tracking of healthcare inventory, providing healthcare leaders instantaneous access to real-time insights into monthly claims inventory. The platform optimizes operations and reduces reliance on manual reporting by allowing deep dives into daily inventory through drill-down capabilities. This efficient system empowers intelligent decision-making, ensuring smoother workflows and enhanced operational efficiency.

Aging Analysis:

Managers gain insight into the progression of pending work by categorizing ongoing tasks into age brackets like 15+ or 30+ days. This data-driven approach aids in identifying potential roadblocks, facilitating reallocation of volume, and ensuring tasks remain on track.

Capacity Utilization Tracking:

Healthcare organizations can evaluate resource efficiency by aggregating data related to task performance patterns. Through InsightPRO’s activity tracker, all resource activities are meticulously logged. This data-driven approach allows healthcare managers to gain insights into how resources are utilized for various tasks, identify trends, pinpoint operational deficiencies, and make informed decisions to optimize resource allocation and enhance operational efficiency.

Activity Tracker

Elevate resource management with an integrated activity tracker that consolidates comprehensive resource information. Supervisors and managers gain insights into diverse tasks performed by resources, fostering performance improvement. This functionality centralizes data, streamlining decision-making and empowering effective resource utilization for optimized outcomes…. See More

Elevate Resource Management with the Activity Tracker: Gain unprecedented insights into your team’s performance and resource allocation. This dynamic tool empowers supervisors and managers to optimize decision-making, enhance performance evaluations, and drive data-driven improvements.”

Centralized Resource Information:

The activity tracker feature offers supervisors and managers a centralized hub to access comprehensive resource information effortlessly. This consolidated view eliminates the need to gather data from multiple sources, enabling quicker and more informed decision-making.

Holistic Task Insights:

Gain valuable insights into the diverse tasks that resources are engaged in. With the activity tracker, supervisors and managers can delve into each resource’s various activities, enabling a detailed understanding of work allocation and facilitating targeted performance improvement efforts.

Enhanced Performance Evaluation:

Having all resource-related data in one place makes performance evaluations more comprehensive and accurate. Supervisors and managers can assess individual and team performance based on a comprehensive overview of tasks performed, enabling more nuanced performance improvement strategies.

Data-Driven Improvement Initiatives:

The insights gleaned from the activity tracker serve as a foundation for performance enhancement efforts. With detailed task information, supervisors and managers can make data-driven decisions to optimize resource allocation, identify training needs, and implement process improvements for greater efficiency.