Quality assurance automation is here and it is specifically designed for payers.

Managing claims can feel like juggling a dozen tasks at once: capacity planning, work distribution, user management, inventory control, sampling, and team training – it’s a lot to handle! But fret not, because InsightPro has your back every step of the way.


InsightPro has an answer for all of this. And it includes automated workflows.

Capacity Planning

Operational efficiency, cost reduction, and continuous quality and capacity planning.

AI/ML-based capacity planning engine to empower users to optimize resource allocation, eradicate bottlenecks, and make well-timed decisions. By analyzing historical data and current workload patterns, our tool recommends appropriate audit percentages and rules, effectively aligning resource capacity with audit requirements.

Work Distribution

AI/ML capabilities with a customizable rules for efficient work distribution.

Quality-centric strategy that integrates AI/ML capabilities with a customizable rules engine to allocate quality samples to auditors based on factors like experience, line of business, and dollar amounts. Continuous refinement of these rules ensures precision in audits, enhancing efficiency, productivity, and audit accuracy.

User Management

Maintaining security and confidentiality while allowing team members to contribute effectively.

InsightPro provides quality managers with granular control over user access and permissions within the quality management system. Through role-based access control, only authorized personnel can access sensitive quality-related data and perform relevant tasks.

Inventory Management

Manage inventory and align it with quality goals.

InsightPro promotes effective inventory management by precisely tracking inventory and ensuring optimal levels using cutting-edge AI technology. Leveraging both push and pull techniques, our tool minimizes overproduction while ensuring regular availability of inventory. By adhering to defined rules and capacity constraints, organizations can efficiently automate inventory management.


Visual representations of sampling outcomes, enabling organizations to refine operational efficiency and frameworks.

An automated system of diverse sampling methods that include random and stratified sampling techniques. By harnessing the power of AI, InsightPro dynamically enables organizations to obtain targeted and optimal sampling data that is not only more accurate but also compliant with regulations.

Training Need Analysis

Accurately identify training requirements through in-depth analysis of quality data.

Harness the cutting-edge capabilities of AI and automation with InsightPro to align training programs seamlessly with existing skill gaps. Our platform utilizes a data-driven approach to analyze individual and team competencies, identifying areas for improvement and opportunities for growth. By automating this process, InsightPro ensures targeted and effective training initiatives that give you a competitive advantage in the market.


InsightPro’s claims management automation solution is tailored specifically for payers, offering automated workflows to streamline capacity planning, work distribution, user management, inventory control, sampling, and training needs analysis.

How do you benefit from AI/ML-based capacity planning?

InsightPro enables optimization of resource allocation and ensures operational efficiency through the utilization of AI/ML-based capacity planning engines, which analyze historical data and current workload patterns, recommending suitable audit percentages and rules.

How do you distribute work auditors?

InsightPro’s quality-centric strategy, which integrates AI/ML capabilities with customizable rules, ensuring tasks are allocated based on factors such as experience and line of business, thereby optimizing productivity and audit accuracy.

With InsightPro by your side, you can take a well-deserved breather knowing that your claims management is in capable hands. So go ahead, relax, and let InsightPro handle the heavy lifting for you!